What We Do

It is commonplace to hear people speaking of the difficulties they experience when preparing a Development Application. Every Council’s controls and processes are different and can be difficult for the lay-person to navigate. GSUP provides a full range of services, and can manage your project from concept/feasibility, preparation, lodgement and post-lodgement management through to determination. We are also able to provide a full range of services needed for the preparation of a DA including the engagement and management of external consultants such as Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Traffic Consultants and the like, to complete the full package of documentation required to accompany a DA when submitted to Council or Private Certifier for approval.

At GSUP, we believe that no project is too large or too small and we can tailor our services to help meet your particular needs. Our team can assist with any development project whether you are after some general advice in relation to the planning controls affecting the development of your land or you are looking for a full suite of services to assist with preparing your DA. Employing GSUP will ensure that you get the best professional advice and assistance with your project.

GSUP provides a full range of services associated with planning and development, including the following:

  • town planning advice
  • analysis of development potential and feasibility
  • assistance with pre-lodgement consultation with Council
  • Development Applications, s96 Modification Applications and S82A Review Applications and associated planning reports
  • Project management and co-ordination of consultants
  • Liaison and negotiation with Councils and other stakeholders associated with the development process
  • Land and Environment Court representation
  • Preparation of objection letters
  • Representation at Council meetings
  • Preparation of plans of management for late night trading establishments, childcare centres and boarding houses

We have significant experience with a wide range of development types, including:

  • retail and commercial complexes
  • mixed-use developments
  • alterations and additions to existing buildings
  • affordable housing projects (eg boarding houses, affordable infil development etc)
  • residential (eg dwelling houses, dual occupancies, town houses, residential flat buildings etc)
  • industrial complexes
  • heritage projects
  • water-based infrastructure (e.g. jetties, mooring pens, pontoons etc)
  • assessment of Applications on behalf of Local Councils